NASA’s B.E.S.T. (Beginning Engineering, Science, & Technology) is a collection of 9 space themed engineering challenges, designed for students in grades K-8, with 3 age appropriate levels of curriculum. Activity Guides are free and available online.

More information about the B.E.S.T. program:

NASA’s B.E.S.T. Homepage:






$1,150 + tax & freight

Trash for Teaching’s Materials Management System was developed in collaboration with NASA to support the B.E.S.T. curriculum. The T4T cart and bin combination was a response to the frustrations of facilitators not being able to manage all the “stuff” needed to support the B.E.S.T. exercises.

Our carts have been designed with a wide variety of inspiring open ended materials and tools which can be used with NASA curriculum and are easily integrated with a variety of other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based projects.

The Materials Management System is designed to be an after-school program on wheels. When tools and materials are disassembled after project use and reorganized into the cart, multiple cycles of projects are possible.

Quantities support systems exercises for around 100 students in teams of 3-4. Includes cart, bins, trays, materials and tools. Simple assembly of cart required.

* T4T carts are available for pick-up or can be shipped to anywhere in the US. (Tax and freight costs are extra)






6 Tool Bins & 36 Material Bins

Sample Materials












General Materials are open-ended plastic, wood, cardboard, foam, and metal bits and pieces. They are selected and tested to meet he program’s needs and are subject to change. Materials are selected based on their ability to be re-used in several rounds of projects, however, refills are available.


* T4T Materials are clean, safe, rescued items from local manufacturers. They have been selected and tested specifically for NASA’s B.E.S.T. activities.

HERE is a link to more images of our materials and tools.






Lunar Buggy

Landing Pod

Satellite & Launch







The Village School: Reduce, Reuse, Re-engineer

Pegasus School: Earth Day Re-engineered 

LAUSD’s Beyond the Bell with NASA & T4T (Facilitator Training)

Compton Unified Teacher Training

Playa Vista Elementary Teacher Training

























NASA’s Activity Guides:

NASA’s B.E.S.T Team Badges: NASA Team Badges.pdf

Brochure: T4T Tri-fold for NASA B.E.S.T Material Management System


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